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✩ i'll do up to fifteen caps of whatever medium vidya, anime, la for free!
✩ drop caps in the comments below in whatever form you like ( plain links, imgur file, whatever works ) and i'll get to them as quickly as i'm able o7

✩ i'll do up to 100 icons at a time for commissions again in whatever medium you want
✩ as above drop the caps below... probably in an imgur file for larger commissions and larger numbers of caps!
✩ i'll get back to you via pm with a couple samples of what the icons will look like, and see if you like them and then work on the full batch.
✩ for commissions i'm going to say each icon ( either anime, vidya, or la ) will be 1 dw point. so that would make 30 icons $3.00. for gray manga bases i would charge half of that so 30 icons would be $1.50
✩ i accept payment through paypal or in points, whichever is preferred!
✩ as a general rule if you don't like the icons once they're done, you don't have to pay for them!


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