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i'll color ( 2 ) icons in either style ( non-colored line art, or colored line art ) for free !


( 15 ) icons in style one shown in the first row above : 60 points
( 15 ) icons in style two shown in the second row above : 100 points


comment below with links to the panels that you would like colored, i would prefer having the whole panel to work with instead of a 100x100 manga crop only because it's easier and the icons will look better. i'll color one panel just so you know what the whole batch will look like, and confirm if you like it. ( adding a color reference pic in with your links is always helpful ) before working on the rest. then i'll send you the whole batch in an imgur file via pm. as a general rule, if you don't like them you don't have to pay for them!

✩ colored backgrounds on icons are free, just let me know what color you'd like/if you have a color preference
✩ a batch of 15 icons will usually take me 3-4 days to finish
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consider yourself

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thanks boo c:
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hello, are you still open for coloring commissions?
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i'd like to commission 15 icons colored like this one, how many points would i owe you? here's a sample panel, for reference.
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got it! i'll send the points now and the panels in the morning after i've sorted them, thank you.